How Chiropractic works

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Our focus is the nervous system, which consists of your brain, spinal cord and millions of nerves which control virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Twenty four movable bones (vertebrae) encase your spinal cord and the problems start when factors such as accidents, physical stress, mental stress, lack of exercise, poor diet and posture cause these bones to lose their normal position or motion.

This then causes inflammation of the joints between your vertebrae, and in turn, irritation or compression of the spinal nerves which exit from between the vertebrae, and feed all the muscles and organs of your body.  The result is localised pain in the spinal joints and nerves, and referred pain and compromised function in the muscles and organs that they feed.  Where you feel your symptoms is determined by where the irritation has occurred in your spine.

So it stands to sense that if  we can stem the problem at its source, by identifying the vertebrae that aren’t aligned or moving properly, and restoring normal alignment and motion, we can facilitate the body’s inherent healing ability.  Thus a more effective, long-term solution is provided, rather than simply masking the symptoms short-term.

We use a wide variety of techniques to restore normal alignment and motion to your vertebrae, and will choose those most suited to you, depending on your condition, age etc. One such technique is the chiropractic ‘adjustment’ (manipulation), where a controlled, precise force is applied in a specific direction to the joint in question.  During this procedure, a ‘click’ or ‘pop’ may be heard coming from the joint. This is where the misconception that we crack bones originates, but in fact, the sound is merely the sound of bubbles of gas popping in the fluid of the joint as the pressure is released, rather like when you ‘crack’ your knuckles. We may also use massage, dry needling, blocks, activator and exercise programmes to get you back on track.

Some of the tools in our toolkit

Our overall aim is the speed up healing, free up restricted joints and nerve entrapments, reduce inflammation or swelling, and strengthen the avoid to avoid problems down the line.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal  manipulation

This involves gently moving a restricted joint to improve its motion. The 'crack' results from the painless release of gas from the joint capsule.

Massage and trigger point therapy

Massage and trigger point therapy

During our soft tissue work, we press on knots of contracted muscle that lie within taut bands of muscle, thus relieving muscle tension and the resulting pain.



This is a great tool that we use to gently move joints and relax muscles. It's particularly suited for nervous patients, children and the elderly.

Dry Needling

Dry needling

This is where we insert acupuncture needles into very tight knots or bands in the muscle to reduce muscle spasm.



We use these, combined with gravity, to gently traction the joints of the lower back and, if necessary, rebalance the pelvis, thus helping to release nerves and muscle tension.

Drop Table

Drop table

Our treatment bench has several cushioned sections, or 'drop pieces'. We can raise these up individually, and then, with the help of gravity, gently thrust down on a specific joint, to gently move it.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle advice and home exercise plan

We may discuss factors such as your work station ergonomics, car seat position, lifting technique, and postural awareness, as these everyday things can really perpetuate a problem, and are often easily fixed. we'll also suggest appropriate exercises to aid recovery and prevent recurrence.

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Frequently asked questions

No, although we do take a lot of referrals from GPs, you are able to self refer to us. However, if you intend to claim for your treatment on your medical insurance, please be aware that some medical insurance companies do require a GP referral, so please check your policy.

You can book an appointment online, speak to our receptionist on 01937 585 416, or via email

If you are insured by companies such as Simply Health, Aviva, Vitality, or WPA, we can give you a receipt so that you can reclaim your treatment cost.  We no longer work with AXA or BUPA however. If you are claiming for your treatment, please let us know when you book in.

All forms of payment, cash, card (except AMEX) are accepted.

Yes, we can either write a letter to you GP recommending this, or can refer you direct privately.

Chiropractic, osteopathy, and physiotherapy are all healthcare professions that focus on treating musculoskeletal issues and improving overall physical well-being, but they have differences in their approaches, philosophies, and techniques.

The best clothing to wear to an appointment is typically loose and comfortable items that you can easily move around in. Perhaps a vest top or T-shirt and leggings or shorts.

The clinic is located conveniently in the centre of Wetherby, on Victoria Street, close to the shops, cafes and restaurants.  There is free parking for up to four hours in the nearby ‘Cluster of Nuts’ carpark, or unlimited parking in the nearby ‘Riverside’ carpark.

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