Joint Pain


These will vary depending on whether you’ve experienced a sudden onset of joint pain from, for example, playing sport, working or gardening, or whether the pain has crept up on you slowly over time.

Joint Pain
Neck Pain Osteoarthritis

Joint Pain


Joint pain can be caused by many conditions – eg. osteoarthritis, muscle strain, ligament sprain, tendinitis, bursitis, or referred pain from elsewhere.

How do we treat this condition?

We build you a bespoke treatment plan

We tailor-make a treatment plan for you, cherry picking from the range of treatments we have in our tool-kit.

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We will always discuss the type of treatment with you before your treatment plan begins.

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We personalise your plan, for example, some people don’t like needles, while others find them a great help. Some people love the ‘crack’ of a manipulation, others don’t.

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