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Back Pain

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Back Pain


You can feel back pain from the top to the bottom of your spine.  It may be associated with neck, shoulder, arm, hip, leg or pelvic pain. The pain can vary from an excruciating, debilitating one that stops you in your tracks, to a constant or recurrent dull ache that makes movement difficult, and everyday tasks like shopping and driving tricky. Associated symptoms may be pins and needles, numbness, stiffness, weakness, and a vulnerable feeling that your back may ‘give way.’

Back Pain Spine
Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain


There are many potential causes of back pain, including muscle spasms, strains and imbalances, ‘wear and tear’, stiff joints, disc injuries and, a trapped nerve. Many lifestyle factors often combine to create the perfect storm. For example, jobs that involve repetitive movements; heavy lifting with poor technique; a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise, resulting in de-conditioned muscles; and emotional stress from family issues or a demanding job causing tension.

How do we treat this condition?

We build you a bespoke treatment plan

We tailor-make a treatment plan for you, cherry picking from the range of treatments we have in our tool-kit.

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We will always discuss the type of treatment with you before your treatment plan begins.

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We personalise your plan, for example, some people don’t like needles, while others find them a great help. Some people love the ‘crack’ of a manipulation, others don’t.

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