My first visit

The first visit lasts about one hour. Initially, the chiropractor takes a thorough medical case history, before carrying out a full physical examination.

You are then given a “Report of Findings” in which the chiropractor explains everything to you in detail – what’s causing your symptoms, what can be done about it, an estimate of how long it may take to feel better and how much treatment may be required.

Your tailored treatment plan may include advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise to enable you to take an active role in your recovery and avoid future relapses. Then, provided that no x-rays or further tests are necessary, treatment is usually given on the first visit.

On subsequent visits, treatment sessions usually last about 30 minutes, depending on your condition and the treatment that you require. How many treatments you will need depends on numerous factors such as the nature of your problem, how long you’ve had it, how severe it is, how you respond to treatment and last, but by no means least, how much of the advice given you take on board!

Once they feel better, many patients opt for maintenance treatment, receiving regular check-ups to keep their spine in good working order, and prevent relapses. It’s a bit like getting your teeth checked periodically at the dentist, or having your car MOT’d, except of course, you can replace teeth and cars, while your spine is irreplaceable. However, the decision as to whether you decide to embark on maintenance care is entirely your own.